Sun Awareness

 Sun awareness


Be Sun are some tips and information on how to stay safe in the sun.


How can I stay safe in the sun? 


  • Remember to always wear sunscreen (at least SPF15) and ensure children always wear sunscreen! 
  • Babies and children need extra care as their skin is more sensitive than adult skin
  • Avoid the sun between the hours of 11am - 3pm - stay in the shade and cover up! 
  • Remember to use waterproof sunscreen if you’re going in the sea or a swimming pool


What if I get sunburnt?


  • Gently sponge the affected skin area with cool water before applying calming lotion
  • Seek medical attention if your skin blisters or you feel unwell
  • Avoid the sun until your skin has completely healed 


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For more information about staying safe in the sun visit Cancer Research UK


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